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Pic of the Day - Lilium leichtlinii

Stiff stems and bright flowers make this species lily a garden winner. Gracing the bottom of Asian Valley at the JC Raulston Arboretum is one of our favorite species lilies, Lilium leichtlinii.  Dark, purple-black stems to 40" tall are clothed in narrow green leaves.  In late spring to early summer bright golden flowers heavily freckled with red-brown open their recurved petals.  This plant is native to Japan where it grows amongst grasses in sunny meadows.  Flowers open over a long period, often for over a month.  Grow in full sun with adequate summer moisture.  Despite reports that it does not form bulbils at the leaf bases along the stems, our plant produces them in profusion.  Lily bulbils can be planted much like bulbs to create new plants.

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Bright gold flowers with freckles are gorgeous.