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Pic of the Day - Adiantum hispidulum 'Mount Haleakala'

This selection of the somewhat tender rosy maidenhair fern is proving to be hardier than typical due to it's origin at 5000' on MT. Haleakala. Rosy maidenhair fern (Adiantum hispidulum) is a mainstay of terrariums and indoor containers.  The new growth emerges bronzy-red and the fine textured fronds with their black rachises (leaf stems) are quite attractive.  The species can be grown in warm temperate gardens to about zone 8b under high shade.  Tony Avent of the famed Plant Delights Nursery collected spores of this fern (A1HA-016) at 5000' on Mount Haleakala in Hawaii.  The common theme among plant collectors is a take on the realtors creed - "Location, location, location," being instead "Elevation, elevation, elevation".  Even in tropical Hawaii, the high elevation of this collection brings it a full USDA hardiness zone colder to at least 7b.  Tony named it after the mountain where he collected it and 'Mount Haleakala' rosy maidenhair fern now makes a showy 12" x 20" clump in our Lath House.  Best in some shade in a rich, moist, well-drained soil.

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Bronze new growth is very attractive and the texture blends well with other shade lovers.