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Look Who's Visiting Us Now! - Scott McMahan

20130709-173252.jpg Scott McMahan, owner of McMahan's Nursery in Clermont, GA and Garden*Hood (winner of Best New Plant Source by Atlanta Magazine) in Atlanta, GA stopped by for a visit and a raid on the JC Raulston Arboretum collections. Scott's rare plant nurseries offer a wide variety of plants including selections from his many plant collecting trips to Asia. Scott has been collecting in China, Taiwan, Korea, Bhutan, etc. for years often with JCRA friends Dan Hinkley and Ozzie Johnson. Scott has been the source of some great plants growing at the JCRA including a fantastic, huge leaved Hydrangea longipes and the stunning vine Schizophragma megalocarpa. He brought us a few treasures such as 2 different unidentified species of snowbell and a Sinofranchetia. We sent him on his way with a few things from the nursery and a bag full of cuttings. Check out his retail nurseries next time you're in GA, more information can be found at and Follow me at @jcramark because life is too short for boring plants.