The 500' ferry to Vancouver Island. We were up early to make it to the ferry from Vancouver to Vancouver Island and on to Victoria, our base for the next several days.  The ferry ride is an amazing trip with incredible views as you weave between rocky islands covered with madrone (Arbutus menziesii) and conifers.  The ferry from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay is about 550' feet long and holds over 2000 people and 400 cars so it isn't a small vessel and seems much too big to wind its way between the islands.  Despite a constant look-out no whales, otters, or seals were seen.

Part of the narrow passage for the ferry.


Nice view.

This was one of our few free afternoons so after we arrived at the hotel a bit before lunch, folks split up to explore Victoria, visit some provincial parks, and even golf.  Unfortunately a free afternoon means I get to sit in a hotel room and do work.  Whale watching is on the agenda for later for some of the group but I will get to continue to do work.  I suppose the view of the harbor makes up for it.

The view of the harbor outside my window - not bad.

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