'Daisuke's Tiger' is quickly becoming an Arboretum favorite. I must confess that I went through a quite long period where I turned my nose up at Aucuba japonica.  I had seen too many ugly specimens around run-down trailers along country roads.  Over time I have come to admire their tenacity and the beauty of the numerous forms.  Japanese aucuba is also one of the relatively small group of plants that grow well in dry shade once established.  'Daisuke's Tiger' is mostly gold around the margins and tips and spotted with green while the green centers are speckled with gold.  It gives a distinctly different look than the old 'Gold Dust' or 'Crotonifolia' forms.  'Daisuke's Tiger' was introduced to the US from Japan like so many other excellent forms by Asiatica Nursery.  It originated in Japan with Daisuke Muramatsu.

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