The incredible form of this tree yucca makes a strong statement in the landscape. This narrow leafed yucca, Yucca linearifolia, has not been known for terribly long but is quickly becoming a favorite.  The good folks at Yucca Do Nursery collected it a bit south of Monterrey, MX in the 1980's and weren't quite sure what it was.  Eventually it was given a name to distinguish it from Yucca rostrata where it had been uncomfortably placed.  It forms a stout trunk with a mesmerizing head of long, narrow, slightly twisted, blue-green foliage that shimmer lazily in the breeze.  As a young plant, narrow leafed yucca makes a hemispherical rosette that immediately adds impact to the garden.  As it grows and forms a trunk, the dead foliage creates a grass skirt which can either be left alone or trimmed off by OCD gardeners.  We have found it to be quite hardy in a sunny, well-drained spot in the JC Raulston Arboretum Scree Garden where it has grown very happily.  Our plant has grown to almost 5' tall from a small quart sized pot from Plant Delights Nursery in 7 years.

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Our plant under snow after 3 years in the ground from a quart pot.Our plant under snow after 3 years in the ground from a quart pot.

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