The tight, dwarf habit of this rosemary makes it perfect for containers and small gardens. I love rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), the look in the garden, the fragrance, the flavor when cooking, pretty much everything about it so whenever I find a new variety that really is different, I want to try it.  'Baby P.J.' is a truly different rosemary with tiny leaves mostly about 1/2" long and late spring flowers of pale blue on a very compact, dwarf plant.  The evergreen foliage and stems seem to be just as fragrant as its larger growing relatives and so could still be used for culinary purposes.  We're growing it in our well-drained Scree Garden but it would do equally well in any sunny container or dry spot in the garden.  As far as we know, this is the smallest rosemary on the market and while we're not quite sure how hardy it is, I think it should be fine in zone 7b at least if given good drainage especially over winter.  Much cuter than the other Rosemary's Baby.

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Tiny leaves add a dwarf conifer-like texture and have the typical fresh aroma of rosemary.