Butia has an imposing presence in the landscape. Who doesn't love palms?  They evoke images of exotic beaches and hidden oases and even a single specimen in a warm temperate garden can create a tropical feel.  For sheer presence, few hardy palms can compete with Butia capitata.  Long, pinnate fronds are silvery blue and sit atop a slow forming but very thick trunk.  Like all moderately hardy palms, winter protection when young is the key to their survivability.  Once they put on some size they are generally hardy at least in warmer areas.  We've been growing this plant for many years and moved it with no issues 5 years ago into a prominent spot in our Xeric Garden. Butia capitata appreciates the very well-drained soils and bright sun which mimic the areas where it grows in South America.  The fruit of jelly palm is bright gold-orange and deliciously sweet with hints of other tropical fruit.

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