'Slim's Orange' only grows to about 32" tall. We've been growing flowering gingers at the JC Raulston Arboretum for years and we love the texture they bring to the landscape and the color to the late season garden.  We were surprised to find a selection we've never heard of at the farmer's market and had to try it out for ourselves.  The very narrow foliage is different than most other forms we've grown and we were blown away when it began flowering for us in June making Hedychium 'Slim's Orange' our earliest ginger to flower by 2 months.  It forms a nice clump in short order with stems rising to about 32" tall and topped with flowers similar to H. coccineum but darker orange than other forms we've grown.  It has a major burst of flowers in June and then sporadically flowers until bursting out again in August.  The flowers are sweetly fragrant and attract hummers.  Plant in sun to light shade in a moist, well-drained spot.

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The deep orange flowers are deliciously fragrant.