The foliage of this weigela is both lightly margined with white and heavily puckered and contorted. Flowering weigela is an old-fashioned shrub that can be found growing in many mature shrub borders and gardens.  There is nothing old-fashioned about this oddity though.  Creamy white margins on each leaf are only the beginning.  The foliage is curiously puckered and contorted with the central green portion growing larger than the constricting white margin.  The overall effect is actually quite nice with a mound of foliage that sparkles in the sun and adds quite a bit of texture to the garden.  Light pink, tubular spring flowers fade to white for a two-toned flower show.  The puckered foliage seems to keep this plant somewhat more compact so expect Weigela florida 'Caricature' to grow to about 5' over time, perhaps larger in rich soils.  Prune immediately after flowering to control height if desired and grow in full sun to very light shade for best flowering.

The puckered foliage gives a nice textural element to this shrub.