Fully double flowers make this mophead type hydrangea really stand out. Bigleaf hydrangeas are mainstays of the shade garden where the large, glossy green foliage provides a lush look and the showy flower heads light up the garden.  This recent introduction from Ball Horticultural Co. called Hydrangea macrophylla 'Perfection' is proving to be a show-stopper in the landscape.  Large flower heads composed of dozens of fully double florets with pointed petals are held on sturdy stems.  It is one of the first double flowered forms that is also a pretty good re-bloomer for us with waves of flowers occurring over the summer if old heads are removed.  It seems to want to be pink and I haven't seen a true blue, even in very acid soils it tends to be a purplish hue.  This is a relatively compact plant to 3' tall and a bit wider, perhaps as much as 5' wide over time.  Grow in part shade in a moist, well-drained soil.

A young plant flowering on new growth from last season's wood.