Although small, the flowers are quite attractive. Some plants knock your socks off, others are more of a slow burn and a few really take close examination to appreciate their beauty.  Grewia biloba is one that takes a bit of examination to really see its worth and even then is probably more of what we know as a BIO plant (botanical interest only).  Grewia is in the Malvaceae family (formerly placed in the Tiliaceae) and is a large genus with almost 300 species.  Most are tropical and spread around the world but this species grows in warm temperate areas of China.  The foliage is somewhat pubescent or stiffly fuzzy and turns a nice buttery yellow in fall.  White flowers in early summer give rise to small lobed, red-orange fruits.  We grow our plant like a multi-stemmed shrub but it can also be grown as a small tree.  It is quick growing once established and we cut ours back hard on occasion.  It seems to perform fine in sun or shade.

After a hard cut back, it is growing out well.