This large specimen has been limbed up at Plant Delights Nursery. This gold foliaged form of the southeastern native wax-myrtle makes a bright accent in the landscape. It forms a multi-stemmed shrub which can be limbed up as a small tree (to about 15' tall), allowed to grow as a large, dense shrub, or kept pruned to a smaller size (~4'-6'). It was discovered and introduced by Pat McCracken in central NC. Myrica cerifera is a useful native since it will grow in full sun to shade and tolerate both wet and dry soils once established. 'Soleil' can burn in dry, sunny spots when young but will be fine once established. In shade it will lose much of its gold character. It is useful as a specimen, in rain gardens, or for massing or hedging.

The foliage is at its brightest in spring.