We love having our colleagues come see what we're doing.  It is a great opportunity for us to pick their brains and find out what we could be doing better. This afternoon we had a crew from the outstanding Delaware Center for Horticulture stop by on their tour of NC (Bartlett Tree Research Lab, Sandhills Community College, JCRA, and Plant Delights Nursery).  The programs and development staff were interested in how we operate but also had a great appreciation for the plants and displays.  The Lath House was a huge hit as was our amazing bamboo dragon.

The crew from the Delaware Center for Horticulture.

If you ever find yourself in the Delaware Valley, you have to stop by and see what they're doing.  Better yet, make a point to go up for their annual rare plant auction - it is one of the must-do events in US horticulture.