The flower panicles on 'Turkey Heaven' are exceptionally full and dense. The flower heads on this new selection are held upright on rigid stems.

Few shrubs can match the year round beauty and presence of the southeastern native oakleaf hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia).  Large boldly lobed leaves in spring back the late spring/early summer white flower panicles which turn rose as they age.  Fall color is typically bright red and deep burgundy and the coarse winter stems on mature plants have orange exfoliating bark.  This selection was found on Turkey Heaven mountain in Cleborne County, AL by the Fordhams about 40 years ago but is only recently becoming available.  The exceptionally dense flower heads are quite beautiful and as an added bonus are held upright on rigid stems and don't flop like some other forms.  Our plant is just now flowering for the first time and is already becoming a much commented upon plant.  We expect it to grow to about 6' tall and wide over time.  It is best in dappled shade with moderately moist soil but will tolerate more sun or shade.  It can take drier conditions once established although it will wilt daily in dry spots during the heat of the summer before perking up in the morning.