Woke up early and took a plane to Chengdu then a cab to the base of Emei Shan.  On the drive there was very little of interest as we drove along the highway for several hours. A quick stop in Emei City for noodles cooked outdoors with pork meatballs. Best not to look closely at the facilities – there is definitely no sanitation department’s cleanliness score posted. At the base of Emei Shan we boarded a bus that took us from the subtropical zone where we drooled over a beautiful yellow Hedychium up through a broadleaf evergreen forest through to a more deciduous zone. With only one two-minute stop along the way there was really no chance for collecting although I did grab a handful of Euptelea pleospermum seed. We arrived at our hotel near dark at an elevation of 2700m. I think from here down to 1800m should be the best collecting. We’ll see what we can reach on some side paths. Liu says he can find five to seven different species of maple near our hotel and in the dusk we did see Actinidia, Impatiens, Viburnum, Abies faberi, Acer, and the most incredible Aconitum. Must find seeds of it tomorrow!